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I want to be able to add visual changes to my desktop. I chose a folder and it creates an animation that can be played back. No luck in this case because the Winaero Tweaker.exe I use to trigger the animation does not seem to be able to be run in the background.

Is there a way to save the font changes made by my Winaero Tweaker app so that I do not have to change the fonts every time I start my computer? I have tried the configuration settings, but I am not getting any help.

Some operating system options require a background process to be continuously running to monitor those changes. For example, if you change the wallpaper or the theme, the taskbar in Windows 8 will automatically become translucent. If you previously made it opaque using Winaero Tweaker, it needs to make sure that the Taskbar turns opaque even after you close the Tweaker app. So, WinaeroTweakerHelper makes such tasks possible by running in the background and consuming a minimal amount of memory.

I have two suggestions:
1. in main page of website of winaerotweaker, provide some kind of info or maybe channel or forum to make feature requestes. Maybe Github Gitlab Reddit seams to be provided, but there is no community and looks like a mess.
2. feature request: WinaeroTweaker would have something like indicator of new added options/features. Like in Windows Start Menu, there is New app installed or colored name so after update is clear what was added and wasnt used yet. Would be also particular layout like Bookmarks but with whats new.
Thanks for good work.

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New feature: If you have multiple monitors setup, you can now have Tweaker’s quick settings pane appear on the correct monitor. Use the monitor list to setup Tweaker’s settings on which monitor to appear. This can be changed per monitor as well.

q. Where can I submit a new feature request?
a. Please post it here:

a. You can also use the email form on the site, which is a bit more convenient.

If you want to hide the panel on the right side when opening the pinned items, you can do that in Tweaker.
For some reason, it doesn’t work properly when I have more than 4 pinned items in the left panel, but I can’t remember when this problem happened
It works fine when there is only 4 pinned items in the left panel (or less).
You can use the advanced setting and enter a number in brackets
However, the default setting is only 4. (4,5,6,7,8)
In the advanced setting, enter [3] (3,4,5,6,7,8)
However, if you enter in [2], it will remove ALL of them (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

All your settings you made in Boot UI Tuner/Close Threshold/Window Borders are saved with your Tweaker settings when you restart Windows.
The settings are not deleted and you can apply them again. Even an additional log-out is not necessary.

I had been using Tweaker till now. I mean, I made all the changes I want, you know how it goes. But for some of the tweaks like “Arrow to next/Previous folder”, I am trying to change the size of the popup arrow, but the arrow just remains the same.
And I am trying to use a custom font called “Ebrima”, but it doesn’t seem to work. I have been gone from Windows for quite a while, so I am just playing by ear.

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What’s new in Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0?

What's new in Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0?

I would love to use Winaero Tweaker on a Windows 10 laptop or desktop. I just downloaded Winaero Tweaker into Windows 10 Home. The.exe was removed from the desktop, but it is still in the start menu. The application has a clear.lnk shortcut to the desktop. I can access the Installer by right-clicking on it and clicking “Run as Administrator”. When the application runs, it asks me if I want to make it a.localised.exe or.localised.exe. What exactly is the difference? Should I use the default, or use the localised EXE?

If I extract Winaero Tweaker from, it creates the.exe just fine. This is what I want, and it works. The.exe works when I run it by double clicking it. But if I try to run the.exe through the start menu, an error message pops up stating that the program has been blocked due to it being signed by Microsoft. I am running Windows 10 with all updates. Why is this happening? What do I do?

I used to be able to add shortcuts to Windows Explorer without the Windows 10 feature. That was years ago. Now I need to use Winaero Tweaker to do it. Everything else seems to work fine. I have downloaded the current Winaero Tweaker, but the program came down as corrupted. I tried uninstalling and redownloading, but that gives me the message box that it is corrupted. Will I have to redownload the entire thing? There should be no problems with that because I have been using it without a problem for the last five years. What can I do? I also tried using an online download, but that gives me the message that it is corrupted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 Features

  • Enable/Disable IPv6
  • Enable/Disable Network Adapter Diagnostics
  • System Restore
  • Configure Network Connections and DNS
  • Easily change network connection to any available WiFi network
  • Enable or Disable User Account Control
  • Enable or Disable Accelerated Graphics
  • Enable or Disable Use of Mixed-Mode Security
  • Disable Notifications
  • Restore “Last Known Good”
  • Easily toggle Personalization
  • Easily toggle UAC
  • Enable/Disable Developer Mode
  • Enable/Disable Fast Startup
  • Enable/Disable Remote Desktop Services
  • Modify Startup Programs
  • Set User Account Control to User, System or Disabled
  • Set Startup
  • Set Startup Type
  • Set icon for Desktop and Start Menu

Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 System Requirements

Win 10 Tweaker Pro 19.0 System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • 500 MB free RAM
  • Internet connection
  • You must have or install.NET Framework 4 or later

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