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It just saved me so much time. The first time I realized the benefit of Paint.NET was to use it to cut out a check and use it as a template to fill in some data for the bank. After that, I decided to do it again. After the bank got its check back, I used it to give a colleague a smile and say hi.

How sad it must have been to see “That windows icon,” “That mess of code,” etc. and know that you are among thousands of other designers who rely on and pay for using a product like Paint.NET. As if it weren’t bad enough that so many people are trapped into the – worst of all – constantly increasing Microsoft tax, that some of us get duped into having the platform update installed as if it were just an optional upgrade.

Heres one: Microsofts Paint will be updated to the latest version. Once again, it wasnt just a small update but more of a platform update. With a new logo too. Paint.NET will get a new version, as you like it to have a new logo. But theres no way I can afford Photoshop. I need Paint.NET as is. Adobe will NEVER do the updates. Adobe won’t fix bugs that slow it down. For example, when a new color is added to the toolbox, Paint.NET has to redraw the toolbox without fixing the logic error. With Paint.NET, I can just change the color in the VCL code and the toolbox remains functional, while Photoshop has to redraw everything when a color is changed in the palette.

In addition, it’s a damn frustrating program to use. Oh, very, very frustrating. When I used to get a laptop with Windows -and- Paint.NET on it, I would set the save setting to PNG. But I’d have to go into the program, uncheck the box, save, go back, and uncheck the box again. AND, when I reopened the image, the file that saved would be a.PNG. Bah!!

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In summary, it is simply software that allows you to create bitmap art. Want to paint something? Select a bitmap brush, then paint, and you can select any number of layers you want to work on (and duplicate them if thats what you want). Within each layer, you can draw or edit any number of path or mask points on the shape youve just drawn, alter the fill and stroke colors and width, move and rotate the shape, and then when youre ready save it to your desktop or Google Drive (and we all know that those dont just disappear :P) or print it. You can also edit the entire canvas, including the layers themselves with a freeform text tool, and save back to your desktop or Google Drive for others to view and edit as well. An example of a bitmap paint tool active on the website:

If youre the kind of person who hates using the mouse for anything but clicking on things, then keep in mind you arent likely to find any use for the dozens of styles and helpers you can create in Paint.Net, as you wont really need them.

Installation takes about 30 seconds; Ive never had a problem installing Store apps, even on super-old devices with very little RAM. Ive had old Windows 10 devices like a 2000 era HP laptop, with 64MB of RAM and 640MB of HDD and it actually installed fine on that. And, the install will take you to the right place, the App List page on Store apps where you can start using Paint.NET.

Easy Use. The third and biggest advantage is that Paint.NET is pretty easy to use. If you already know how to use paint or then its way easier to get started in Store apps, where you basically click a button and it just works.

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Paint.NET Review

Paint.NET Review

My personal experience with Paint.NET was not quite so disastrous, but it really comes down to workflow and the apps design. In many ways, the tool is just a glorified version of Paint Shop Pro from back in the day. The basics of what you would expect are available for adjustments, such as color, dpi, contrast, brightness, and so forth. It is also possible to crop and sharpen an image, but the interface for these tools feels very much like Paint Shop Pro as well.

Dont be put off by the fact that you have to jump through some hoops to learn the basics of the app. Paint.NET does a great job of taking its time to show you where the tool options are. Even when you are adjusting a very basic color, you still get a definition box. But you dont get to use the full definition box, even if you click somewhere off of the box. You get to use the limited selection offered by the tool. This may seem a bit strange until you realize you can still use the box to create masks and even retouch a portion of an image, assuming there is some color in that portion.

If you are hesitating to try an app that looks like it was a forward-thinking product, you can always install a trial copy of Paint.NET and try it. The app looks and feels like a more modern product. I suppose if I were blind, I would be able to tell the difference. (Not that I am looking forward to trying to take a screenshot of Paint.NET on the side of my screen to produce a photo of that cropped out, to show you what I mean.)

If you have been using the official Paint 3D app in Windows 10, you probably havent noticed all that much missing from Paint.NET. The new icon is a bit more attractive, and the app now looks a bit more modern. Plus, it offers something that Paint 3D never did: support for 3D and VR art. By combining Paint 3D and the VR app, you can produce art using the combined models of a real human model and a computer model of the same model. The concept is simple: you can create a model using a real human model, and then use the VR app to place that model virtually in a certain space. This lets you use a different person or model for your final image, which can produce some really interesting results. Best of all, you only need one of each model.

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Paint.NET System Requirements

  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or greater
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1GB of available space on disk

What’s new in Paint.NET

What's new in Paint.NET

  • A new fully-featured video/audio editor, including a video and audio scrubber, video effects, and audio effects.
  • A new (experimental) watermark editor, including a page to specify frames and timing, and the ability to switch back and forth between.gif,.jpg, and.png files and as frames in the video editor.
  • Easier to manage your image library by storing and retrieving thumbnails in a remote server (optional).
  • All-new support for layer groups to organize your layers. They can be displayed as thumbnails, have their own toolbars, be duplicated, and be imported/exported.
  • Non-destructive video and audio editing!
  • Video/audio post-processing filters (as well as the ability to use them on any layer group or layer).
  • And much more…

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