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A first line of defense against pathogen attack for both plants and animals involves the detection of microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs), followed by the induction of a complex immune response. Plants, like animals, encode several receptors that recognize different MAMPs. While these receptors are thought to function largely redundantly, the physiological responses to different MAMPs can differ in detail. Responses to MAMP exposure evolve quantitatively in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana, perhaps in response to environment specific differences in microbial threat. Here, we sought to determine the extent to which the detection of two canonical MAMPs were evolving redundantly or distinctly within natural populations. Our results reveal negligible correlation in plant growth responses between the bacterial MAMPs EF-Tu and flagellin. Further investigation of the genetic bases of differences in seedling growth inhibition and validation of 11 candidate genes reveal substantial differences in the genetic loci that underlie variation in response to these two MAMPs. Our results indicate that natural variation in MAMP recognition is largely MAMP-specific, indicating an ability to differentially tailor responses to EF-Tu and flagellin in A. thaliana populations.

Peak regions for MAMP-induced SGI were identified using a genome-wide association mapping approach. We analyzed a panel of 186 A. thaliana genotypes in total, consisting of 158 accessions from a South African collection and 28 from a North American collection. SGI was determined by fresh mass reduction of 30-day-old Arabidopsis seedlings treated with either elf18 or flg22 for 24 h. Genotyping-by-sequencing data from the total panel of 186 Arabidopsis accessions was used to identify genetic polymorphisms among these accessions. SNPs were identified in pairwise combinations of A. thaliana accessions and further filtered using strict criteria including minor allele frequency > 0.01, missing data < 0.05, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium < 0.0001, pairwise comparisons < 0.1. A final set of SNPs was retained as the data basis for testing the association of allele-specific responses to elf18 and flg22. Two hundred and nineteen SNPs were identified as being associated with the phenotype (adjusted p-value < 0.05). From these, we selected ten high-scoring SNPs associated with elf18 and flg22-induced SGI in one or more A. thaliana accession and constructed a genome-wide association map in A. thaliana using all 19.4 million SNPs genotyped in the panel. The regions were defined as peak regions, 15 kb on either side of the strongest associated SNP, then all other SNPs within the peak region were used to delimit the peak region.

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We used dendrograms and principle component analyses to infer phylogenetic relationships of MAMP-reporters with wild strains of P. syringae. Representative MAMP-reporters with evidence for a regulatory effect of an Pseudomonas MAMP are prioritized. Next, we investigated whether MAMP-reporters respond differently upon perception of a MAMP that is recognized by an Arabidopsis R protein. We performed a two-way analysis of variance with the factors genotype and treatment followed by an analysis of variance with factors genotype, treatment, and genotype by treatment interaction using MAMP PRO. For a complete overview of statistical results, see S4 S1 Texts.

We investigated the association between flg22-induced SGI and (i) the sequence polymorphism of P. syringae strain NCPPB3333, (ii) host-pathogen interaction, and (iii) infection success in A. thaliana. The EF-Tu sequences of the P. syringae strains were identical within the genomes of both the strains derived from A. thaliana and the strains from D. verna. The P. syringae strains from A. thaliana failed to successfully infect *sio2* plants due to a loss of effector-triggered susceptibility (ETS) and the ability of the fungi ToMV to move into leaves at cell-to-cell contact [ 30, 43 ]. The P. syringae strains from D. verna induced HR in *sio2* but not *sio2* ( S4 Fig ). We tested 23 flg22 variants derived from three groups of P. syringae: 10 HR- and 13 HR+. Moreover, the sequences of their EF-Tu were identical to those of P. syringae strain NCPPB3333 (S5 Table). The flg22 variants were found in equal numbers ( HR-: 10 out of 23 variants, HR+: 13 out of 23 variants), and in all cases MAMP sequences induced SGI on *sio2*. However, all HR+ variants induced SGI on *sio2* to a similar extent as the HR- variants. We selected the two most deviating variants from each group to test on *sio2* by spotting A. thaliana on agar plates with 0.2% silwet-L77 as wetting agent, and supplementing the agar plates with flg22 variants for two days before infection by P. syringae. As a negative control we used *sid2-2* plants and complemented them by planting sid2-2 on flagellin-deficient *fls2*-*gai* plants. HR induction was scored five days post-infection, and all variants induced HR as well as an HR+ complemented control sid2-2 on sid2-2, but not on *fls2*-*gai*. Our results suggest that, first, all P. syringae strains failed to infect sid2-2, second, flg22 variants were able to induce HR in *sid2-2*, and third, the HR+ variants induced SGI on *sid2-2* to similar extents as the HR- variants. The difference in SGI of HR- and HR+ variants on *sid2-2* was further tested in interaction assays between sid2-2 and HR- variants of the two groups in combination with HR+ complemented sid2-2, but we did not observe any difference in SGI ( S6 Fig ).

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MAMP has been used as an effective immunomodulatory adjuvant in the development of cancer vaccines [ 31 ]. Beyond its use as an adjuvant in the development of cancer vaccines, MAMP has been used in plant defense and other disease states [ 11 ]. In addition to these applications, we describe here the first characterization of MAMP dynamics in A. thaliana. The information generated from this study will help elucidate the biological role of MAMP in immune systems within other species, including humans.

The use of inbred line panels for mapping complex traits is an area of plant genetics that has been extensively utilized for the genetic dissection of many agriculturally important traits. As such, inbred line panels represent an efficient, cost-effective, and rapid approach for the identification of the genetic loci associated with agriculturally important traits. Here we describe the genetic dissection of the MAMP-induced SGI in A. thaliana using an A. thaliana inbred line panel. This collection of inbred lines was genotyped with SNP markers distributed across the genome and several alleles were discovered to be significantly associated with either the SGI response to MAMP or the MAMP concentration. The identification of the genes underlying these alleles will contribute to a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling the MAMP-induced SGI and MAMP concentration in A. thaliana.

We were interested in identifying genes that have been shown to be involved in MAMP recognition in the presence of compatible microbes. For instance, it is known that several receptors encoded by the co-receptor (CoRE) family interact with flagellin, and that these receptors are critical for detection of bacterial flagellin by Arabidopsis [ 11 ]. A second tier of plant defense is called effector-triggered immunity (ETI) that is initiated by the recognition of cell-autonomous microbial effectors, which modify host physiology or suppress defense gene expression [ 2 ]. To test whether the receptors that recognize non-self MAMPs can also recognize microbial effectors, we used the A. thaliana model for plant-microbe interactions and screened a number of Arabidopsis mutants for the presence of altered SGI. The analysis of this large data set, which contains quantitative phenotypic data for several hundreds of mutants, revealed interesting candidates that may link perception of two-tiered immune systems.

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What’s new in MAMP PRO

What's new in MAMP PRO

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MAMP PRO System Requirements

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