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Second, there is an option for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ method. For example, you have some amount of BTC in your account and you are looking for a specific amount of ArtMoney in particular. You can just ask for a withdrawal of ArtMoney in such an amount. The price is always updated everytime you make a payment and we have real-time live exchange statistics online, so even a small amount can be quickly exchanged for the desired amount of ArtMoney.

Third, we don’t have any rollover, the maximum amount available in your account is your total balance and if you have a monthly withdrawal, we don’t have any rollover period for that amount as well. As the price of ArtMoney is always different, there may be cases where you may get a discount by paying for a previous month’s subscription.

Forth, you can choose to have multiple code addresses which are very helpful for many things. You can, for example, make a withdrawal from multiple addresses and the payment will go to all the addresses at once. Also, you can send certain amounts to certain places in the world to have the money as well as buy ArtMoney with the money in your account. In addition, you can advertise the program and its benefits all over the world and help to spread the word about it. As we all want to change something in the world, there will always be people who will be interested to try it out as well.

Fifth, let’s say you have one million people interested in the program, the price of ArtMoney would grow to 100 million and in other words we would get 20 million from the first million, then 9.5 million from the next million and you could get 2.5 million from the remaining million. This means that your initial investment of one million would generate ArtMoney worth €100 million and your total investment of two million would generate ArtMoney worth €100 million as well.

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The creators of ARTMONEY want to make the idea of money more present in the daily lives of the average consumer. The project draws attention to its arbitrary nature and tries to get the people to think more deeply about the value they place on products and services in their lives. The objective is to provide a stable, guaranteed form of exchange.

The ARTMONEY project encourages the consumer to interact with the idea of money. To help everyone become more critical about what they consume and if something else could replace money would make this world a much better place. The idea of money in the project is the same as that of the world, and therefore it is neutral and independent of any sort of opinion. It always will be and that is one of the strengths of ARTMONEY.

You will be able to trade currency for the desirable advantage of ArtMoney in the game, but you can also use the program for crafting your own art or crafting your own currency with the possibility of gaining top positions in the ArtMoney community.

What ArtMoney does is add a layer of transaction-free value exchange for buying in-game currency. You trade a currency you already have for a currency with a richer demographic who have the advantages of higher ranks in this new currency system.

Your ArtMoney is not tied to any accounts, it’s all one-time use and it’s sold to other players who also want to game. So it’s totally non-transactional. Theoretically you could build up huge ‘wallet’ of ArtMoney without ever transacting it. It’s also available for up to 100 people so everybody can enjoy this program.

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What is ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP and what is it for

What is ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP and what is it for

Artmoney is a community currency based on the production and exchange of original art. Critical of the cold and objective nature of conventional transactions, the Danish artist Lars Kraemmer first devised artmoney as a means to a more humanised and expressive type of monetary exchange, intending to bring people together in affective, rather than impersonal, forms of trade. Artmoney provides a means of stimulating trade amongst artists and non-artists outside of the conventional money economy, and has grown steadily to become a global currency traded in over 70 countries. Drawing from ongoing research, this article asks, what is the meaning and value of art-money in a global cultural economy What alternative does it present and what economic futures (or pasts) does it anticipate Presenting preliminary findings from interview research with art-money producers, this article outlines some of the motives for becoming involved in this art/currency project, and some of the contradictions and challenges raised in its production and circulation.

Artmoneyre sold, exchanged and used as payment similar to traditional currency. The concept has the intention of questioning the traditional economical system, it constitutes a critical voice in the political debate about what is value.

Challenging the traditional system of economy in the form of a currency system, the Danish artist Lars Kraemmer first conceived artmoney as a means to a more humanized and expressive type of monetary exchange, intending to bring people together in affective, rather than impersonal, forms of trade. Artmoney is distributed as participation currency to stimulate trade amongst artists and non-artists. Artists and individual collectors of artworks were invited to become core collectors and develop artworks in exchange for the artmoney. In this way artmoney is a visual and value-based alternative to traditional money in that it is not backed by the government and only projects value the creator.

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ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP Features

ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP Features

  • Real time money detection
  • UI can be disabled
  • Realtime filter
  • Multiple currencies to be used simultaneously
  • Deal with large amounts of money with ease

What’s new in ArtMoney 8.12.1 Pro VIP

  • The Themed Wallet (maintenance) is available for free
  • The Dashboard (plugin maintenance) is available for free

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