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PowerDirector offers three variations on the basic timeline: Flow, which is a timeline-driven feature that lets you add and mix clips in an editing flow; Sequence, which is a linear timeline; and Reality, which allows you to edit clips like they were in the real world. The transition between clips changes the environment on the timeline and is similar to transitions found in Final Cut Pro X. It’s important to understand how Flow works because it is the default editing option. You can create clips in Reality mode, but you’ll need to get very familiar with drag-and-drop and pinch-to-zoom-and-pan commands to do so. However, the compatibility of Reality mode with the timeline is where the program is at its best. While it may not be as powerful as Final Cut Pro X, it does a few things that the latter doesn’t offer.

There are three ways to add audio or video to a clip: the Audition tool, which lets you easily adjust the level and color of any clip; the Mixer, which lets you quickly build a song or soundtrack for a film; and the Animation tool, which lets you add any clip you select to an animation sequence. You can place 2D and 3D objects in the Timeline, change their size and shape, and add any number of visual effects to them. You can also animate objects in the shape of freeform polygons. Finally, if your project is relatively simple, you can go straight to the rendered video preview in the Timeline. But if you’re planning a more complex project, the Timeline is really the place where you spend most of your time, and you can really begin to appreciate how powerful and easy it is to manipulate a video timeline with PowerDirector. You can also preview in real time with the Real-Time Preview mode, which shows on-screen thumbnails of your project, or in the full-screen view, where you can zoom around the Timeline and pan, as well as rotate the timeline.

CyberLink Director Suite 10 has also changed the way you create burn-to-DVD video projects. You can now save a burner project as an ISO image, which you can burn using the Roxio tool. You can also set a burner project to make an ISO from scratch in the ProBurn Media Encoder, which uses the content of your previous project as a template for the new. Or you can set it up to analyze the DVD you just made, which is how some software tools work. This makes burn-to-DVD projects a snap to create.

CyberLink Director Suite 10 adds the Advanced Timeline, a kind of storyboard. By dragging a graphic on the timeline, you can place a complete image on it. You then have to drop on the timeline the elements you want to appear. This is similar to how you might create a PowerPoint presentation. If you select a section on the timeline and drag, you can then add a title to it, for example, and arrange the other parts of the timeline around that title. You can also add a title to the top of the scene to break it out visually.

CyberLink Director Suite 10 adds the IKEA to CyberLink’s Agent. With this, you can use the web to gather images for a slide show or presentation, and take advantage of it like an agency. It’s easy to add images, and you can order prints at the IKEA virtual store.

Video networking isn’t always easy. With CyberLink Director Suite 10, you can integrate video chat with any of the projects you create with the suite, so you can see exactly what your network colleague is seeing while chatting and have control of your computer.

The Timeline in CyberLink Director Suite 10 has been redesigned. Instead of having scenes on top of one another, each one in its own pile, you can place them in a stack. This lets you have a timeline that resembles a table of contents, which is a handy way to arrange and rearrange your sequences.

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Battery life on my test machine wasn’t exactly stellar—3 hours 40 minutes after I launched PowerDirector during testing. CyberLink says that the Pro version can run on a phone powered by a single AA battery, which can be quite motivating for mobile editing. CybersLink says the company will continue to focus on PowerDirector and VIXA, which will be the programs that its Windows users use for the foreseeable future.

This update seems to have hit the nails right on the head. While I am still waiting for the next version of PowerDirector to hit the Apple App Store, the current Pro version is a real joy to use, and ranks right up there with the best and longest-lasting consumer movie-making apps.

We’re finally happy to report that the latest update to PowerDirector is now available in the Apple App Store. CyberLink’s commitment to making PowerDirector the best video editor on Mac and iOS has been clear since our first report on the app in July 2017, and that’s proven true as we’ve continued to develop it. Many Apple customers now have the chance to experience the PowerDirector feature set on their Mac and iOS devices. In addition, Mac and iOS users now have access to a large number of third-party plugins.

PowerDirector now has a modern look and feel for Apple devices, with stylish and intuitive icons on the Home screen. When PowerDirector first launched on Mac and iOS, it was an Apple-only product. Now, you can also enjoy some of the power of PowerDirector for iOS and macOS. To use PowerDirector for iOS and macOS, you need to purchase a subscription plan for PowerDirector, and the base plan is $69.99. You can get a 30-day free trial by visiting .

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  • 3D Transformation now has an advanced mode that lets you snap any 3D object, and each 3D aspect of the transformed object will be automatically aligned on the grid and have zero skew/scale. For very long skew edits on a robot head, for example, this is a huge timesaver. You can also snap any aspect, and it will still get all the alignment. Its advanced mode is disabled by default.
  • The new Super Focus software has been completely rewritten in C++. Even though all the old features are still around, the new version is faster, more stable, and has a few new features as well.
  • PowerDirector now has a new editing mode that lets you insert your own logo/watermark at any time after you’ve created a project.
  • The Media Browser now defaults to large thumbs for all images (like in the full PowerDirector), and it shows thumbnails for all video files
  • The Instant Crop tool now has a new size mode that lets you drag any frame to any width or height
  • Video Editor now remembers the length of an inserted video clip

CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
  • Power Macintosh G4 or G5
  • Mac OS X 10.4.0 or 10.3.9
  • Requires PowerDirector 9.0 (9.5 or later recommended)
  • Requires PowerDirector Basic or Advanced 3.2 or later

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  • 4BX2J-67KNW-K9JLK-Y4T2V-22DQR-Z1QN4

  • QPL15-KU2YN-3DKJ0-686C6-RPAWX-T2641
  • 1YR9P-27GA9-RACM7-IC8VK-N2H7Y-7G4E4
  • 1NN10QD8Y6T92O1D9H2Z5006Z0TYZS
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