AppTrans Pro Windows Full Version Full Crack + Pro Licence Key

Cracked AppTrans Pro For Free Full Lifetime Version

Cracked AppTrans Pro For Free Full Lifetime Version

After the chat backup is set, you can access it from AppTrans Pro 2 and import the chats from there. AppTrans Pro will sync the Chat details and save them in WhatsApp store on the imported device.

AppTrans Pro has an inbuilt virtual memory so that you will not have to worry about saving and deleting any chats you already imported before. If you lose your iPhone, you can send the WhatsApp archive files to any another iPhone to restore your chats.

With its new features, AppTrans Pro is the most awaited AppTrans Pro version and it features have been made easy for users with ease of use and efficiency. Users can make the best out of the program by selecting the option “App Install”. Other features include automatic backup of all installed apps, WhatsApp chat transfer, and archiving and importing of chats. AppTrans Pro is undoubtedly the best app data transfer solution available on the market and provides users a saving and restoring option to help them to make the best out of their old devices.

Install Free AppTrans Pro Download latest version on your iPhones, iPads and Android devices and enjoy. AppTrans Pro is 100 percent safe and secure. You may use the AppTransfer Pro program with confidence. AppTrans Pro is the easiest and the best app data transfer application for Android devices.

AppTrans Pro is a simple and straight-forward app data transfer tool that will help users with easy data transfer process. The AppTrans Pro is not only an app transfer tool but also an app backup and restore tool. Apart from all these, Cracked AppTrans Pro is also a lightweight tool that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. It also supports iOS 11 and iOS 13.

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Usually, when you want to back up or transfer data from one smartphone to another, you need to first back up your data using some other utility, and then once the backup process is over, you need to transfer the data using some other utility. However, AppTrans is a tool that lets you transfer apps and data from one smartphone to another seamlessly and without doing any installation work.

Transportation may not sound as an exciting as transporting items of personal fashion, but its something most of us do at least once in a while. But while youre on the road, its tough to back up your files on your smartphone. AppTrans makes transferring your data a lot easier, since it allows you to simply backup your important data and apps, and transfer it to a new smartphone from your existing one. AppTrans is very simple to use, and any user can do a backup or transfer process in a matter of minutes.

Save WhatsApp and other data from your Android backup and restore it to the new phone
Transfer WhatsApp chats from one Android phone to another
Recover WhatsApp and other backed up data from Google Drive
AppTrans provides a simple and efficient way to recover WhatsApp and other backed up data from iTunes backup and iTunes backup

You may go to the download app section to download the cracked version now. AppTrans Pro Crack comes in a crack format which can be activated using the serial key inside. With the serial key you can activate the cracked version of AppTrans Pro Crack to get a free license for it for lifetime usage. You can download this version here.

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Main benefits of AppTrans Pro

Main benefits of AppTrans Pro

AppTrans Pro for iOS and Android also let users select apps and apps data to move between phones and let users easily merge the WhatsApp data. Besides, AppTrans Pro provides a backup and restore function to save and import data of apps.

Reasons to switch to AppTrans Pro!
1. Easiest way to transfer apps. AppTrans Pro transfers apps and app data directly between phones without compromising the original .
2. Never lose your installed apps . Both iOS and Android users can use AppTrans to safely restore apps. Users can easily transfer apps with AppTrans to any iPhone or Android phone unlimited .
3. Save your time . With AppTrans, it takes only minutes to transfer apps and get back to work on your iPhone. Users can easily transfer apps and find out in which smartphone AppTrans has been installed.
4. Manage WhatsApp and Facebook chats . Most users need to migrate their WhatsApp and Facebook chats to new phones, but this isn’t easy. AppTrans allows people to manage and transfer WhatsApp and Facebook chats for users.
5. Get WhatsApp data even with Wi-Fi connection . With the help of Wi-Fi connection, you can transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, Android to iPhone, even between different accounts.
6. Undo iOS upgrades . Users who have updated iOS to the latest version often receive unwanted apps.

The most exciting part is that Free AppTrans Pro Download is not only a free app. But it has many more features, including –

  • Easy to use interface
  • Robust application that fully satisfies your expectations.
  • Save apps, transfers data to and from iPhones or Android phones of all manufacturers including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablets and smartphones, all Windows OS and Mac OS.
  • Will automatically find WhatsApp and Facebook chats saved in your phone.
  • Application settings can be saved and restored at a later time.
  • Restore installed apps with data and restore WhatsApp chats from old iPhone or Android devices to the new one.
  • Apply app icon change on a USB drive to the new phone. You can also share your USB thumb drive with contacts, so they can use it for the same purpose as long as they have AppTrans on their device.
  • Get all WhatsApp chats from iPhones or Android phones of all manufacturers by simply installing AppTrans

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

  • New Workspace Design
  • Export Custom Workspace
  • Export Application Data
  • Export Graphics Suite Data

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Restore WhatsApp Conversations to New Phone
  • Download WhatsApp Chat Data from Google Drive to iPhone
  • Select Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Merge WhatsApp Account with Different Numbers
  • Copy WhatsApp Database (1.5MB) to Google Drive
  • Copy WhatsApp Database to iTunes (500kB)
  • Copy WhatsApp Data to GMail (3Mb)

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