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We created a simple and intuitive user interface that lets you explore all the effects in one place. The powerful preset organization lets you save any design you like with just one click. You can find our advanced effects from other artists and mix them up to create your own. Then, there is a style engine that lets you customize an existing style to create a perfect fit to your individual vision. With brushes, color blends, retouching tools, and even an eye-popping lasso, Eye Candy lets you create any kind of effect you can imagine.

Lighting lets you create the subtle and sparkly effects that are impossible to achieve in Photoshop alone. You can add highlights and shadows to objects to add sparkle, glow, and reflection to photos. The Lightning effect makes exposed skin look like it’s covered in hot wax. The new spikes and shatter effects create edges that drop off into deep water like stalactites.

38 filters are grouped by categories. You can find popular filters and create your own effects. You can easily adjust color blends and brush size using powerful controls. You can blend images, effects, & brush one by one or adjust multiple layers simultaneously. You can also apply patterns, shadows, and gradients to textures. There are color presets, as well as 19 lightbox presets, which give Eye Candy a full-featured darkroom effect. If you find a preset effect you like, add it to your style and use it to make your own original effects.

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For pictures that need a little extra punch, you can also try eye Candy 7’s brand new Chrome and Fire effects. We rendered the Chromes many thousands of examples and carefully adjusted the setting for best look-and-feel. With Ey Candy 7 you can easily create a simple image full of red and green color, or use the newly added Inferno setting to create a surreal image with flames, smoke, and light.

You can also try the brand new Animal Skin effect, which adds realistic textures and layers to your image. You can create a realistic texture for hair, fur, or even for scales and other natural features.

Alien Skin Eye Candy Crack 7 enables you to easily show more of your facial features, and add sun damage to your face. The new Retinex and Tangent features let you use diferent modes and lighting settings to play with your skin’s glow, and even add interest to textured areas. You can try the brand new Ambient Occlusion and Reflections settings to create a shiny, somewhat 3D image. You can also customize the look of the Character settings to determine how animals are rendered.

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, or just looking for that “twee” filter, Eye Candy has all you need. In addition to the filters, each category has a preset designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. Effects such as Deformed Texture, Vintage Fashion, Blade Design, and Self-Portrait can be applied to any or all layers. Each preset is designed to be easy to use so you can click on the preset and enjoy instant results. Save your presets by exporting them and use them for your next project. Create new presets from scratch or customize existing presets to fit your style. Create a new preset by tweaking settings or by duplicating an existing preset.

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Main benefits of Alien Skin Eye Candy

Our customers were telling us that they prefer to see an actual preview of the effects on the image, so we’ve combined that functionality with our “lighten layers” feature into one. In Eye Candy, you can preview the effect in the panel or see the entire image with the adjustment applied with a “bleed” preview below the image. Most of the adjustments you might make to an image on-screen are more easily seen on the adjusted image preview (making it easier to verify how you’re approaching the image, and the image can be saved at any time to your hard drive with one click.

One of our users, Mike Cotton, really likes the older look of Eye Candy 7, but he has concerns about the ability to keep track of the presets and quickly access all of the different effects. We’ve made that easier by automating some of the work on the interface and rejigging some of the settings within each effect and Preset library to make it easier to navigate. Most of the presets are compatible with old and new photos, so if you’re an older user, you can have some of the same familiar settings but you’ll have the flexibility to tweak the look a little differently as you work. All of the Presets have been moved back into the Preset library (although we’re still working on perfecting the visibility of the entire Preset library.)

As a reminder, Eye Candy 7 is set up to automatically create a new preset when you save the filter. If you happen to save a filter in Eye Candy 7 and then quit, reopen, or switch to another filter, the changes you made to the effect will not be saved. If you want to save custom settings for a filter, you must save it in Photoshop. You can then go back to the filter in Eye Candy, and you’ll see all the customization options in one place, complete with a large list of the different settings that you can now access.

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What’s new in Alien Skin Eye Candy

What's new in Alien Skin Eye Candy

  • Add a simple Layers based preset manager
  • Make the order of preview windows bigger
  • Bugfix: Drop shadow no longer causes the box to appear to float
  • Bugfix: Cell Styles now behave correctly
  • Bugfix: Box plugin now displays correctly when running on Mac OS X

Alien Skin Eye Candy System Requirements

Alien Skin Eye Candy System Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.5 or later
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7 recommended
  • 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
  • 2GB RAM
  • 250 MB disk space

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